Time Area Description Address
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7:00a Duboce Triangle L St. Francis Lutheran Church, 152 Church St. at Market St. (back room) (60 minutes)
11:00a Marina S D L W The Dry Dock, 2118 Greenwich St. at Fillmore, (60  minutes)
11:30a SOMA J Women’s Resource Center, 930 Bryant St. at 7th St. (Women’s Meeting, 60 minutes)
12:00p Mission S W The Women’s Building, 3543 18th St. at Valencia, 2nd Fl (Child care)
6:00p Fillmore D “Family Relationships in Recovery”, WBCC 1290 Fillmore #B @ Eddy St. (Fragrance Free, 60 minutes)
6:30p Western Addition W Ella Hill Hutch Community Center
1050 McAllister @ Webster
7:30p Bernal B LS W Bernal Heights Community Center,
515 Cortland Avenue at Andover
8:00p Cathedral Hill B S W Urban Life Center, “Hope Without Dope”, 1101 O’Farrell St. at Franklin (Fragrance Free) (Entrance in the Rear of the Building)
7:30p Richmond S D YMCA SF, Richmond District, 360 18th Avenue at Geary Blvd. (60 minutes)


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B – Birthday/Chip Meeting
C – Candlelight
D – Discussion
G – Gay/Lesbian/Trans
J – Just for Today Reading
L- Literature/Book/Step Study
M – Meditation
S – Speaker Meeting
W – Wheelchair accessible

Any addict is welcome at any meeting, regardless of how it is listed in this directory. Some meetings focus on special issues. Most meetings are 90 minutes. Exceptions are noted in the directory.

Disclaimer:  We provide the names of buildings and or parties we rent our meeting space from simply so members can easily find where our meetings are located.  We are not affiliated with any of these facilities or meeting places in any way.  We also provide links to maps of local meetings as a service for anyone trying to find their way to our meetings. Such links do not constitute any endorsement, affiliation or approval of the service or company providing the maps, nor any pages linked from those map pages.