Current Meeting Changes

Current Meeting Additions, Changes and or Corrections for Sept., October and November, 2016.

New Meeting:
Tuesday @ 6:00pm – “Illness in Recovery”, San Francisco General Hospital. We are all getting older in recovery and this is a topic important as we age. Check out this new meeting.

Time Changes for Existing Meetings:
Saturday nights meeting that meets at 1399 McAllister Street now meets at 5:00pm, NOT 7:30pm. However, the meeting that meets at the same place on Monday evening is still at 7:30pm.

The Friday night meeting near West Portal (280 Claremont Blvd.) meets now at 5:45pm instead of 5:30pm.

Meeting Moved Location:
Friday night “Primary Purpose” that used to meet at the Cafe is now meeting at Next Door, 1001 Polk St., @ Geary Blvd from 7 to 8pm.

Committee and Sub-committee Meeting:
The Public Relations (PR) Sub-committee will now be meet at the ASO the 4th Tuesday of every month.